So I did it.

At the request of my legions of facebook friends (ok, one person explicitly requested it, but I know the rest of you were thinking it), I have created a blog.

I’ve actually tried to have a blog a couple times and they never really took off; I still have one lurking at livejournal that I haven’t updated in years.  But I think this time it may stick.  For the last little while, I’ve been posting on Facebook regularly, and I’m now starting to find the 420 character limit a little, well, limiting.  So here is a place where I can discuss my thoughts in a little more detail.

I’ve often wondered though if I really have anything that great to say to post it up for the world to see.  The Internet is rapidly becoming less about a source of information, and more about every man, woman, child, and dog trying to get their 15 minutes of fame by carving out their own section of the Internet and shouting, “Look at me!”  So, I’m hoping, like so many others are, that I can provide something new to the Internet world.  I really didn’t think I had much to provide, but after a few people told me I should write a book (seriously guys, not going to happen), I figured I must have something to say.  And if I don’t – well, I have myself covered.

That’s why I’ve dubbed my blog, “Hidden Irony”.  You see, I’m aware there are times when my blog might suck – a lot of blogs do.  You might already be thinking, “Wow, I’m on this guy’s first post, and already this blog sucks – he totally misses the point.”  But if you think that, it’s because you just don’t get it.  This blog post is secretly ironic.  Sorry, my friend – you think it sucks, but you actually just missed the hidden irony!  So it is therefore YOU who have misssed the point.  Perhaps you don’t even understand what irony means.  Perhaps, you’re thinking, that I don’t understand what it means either.  But that’s ok, because even if I don’t, that’s just secretly ironic too.

So welcome to my little corner of the internet – I’ll warn you now, it will be deceptively awesome.